Rough Guide to History of Gambling: From Ancient Origins to Online Casinos

It can be said with certainty that the history of mankind is closely related to the history of games. No matter how far you travel, you will find countless evidence that if people are in groups, at least some kind of gambling will happen. Dig deeper and find out all of it. Fasten your seat belt now, because we will take you on a journey through history. The origin of the game: deep-rooted in the prehistoric era. If games sound like a recent invention to you, then we can only say that you’re completely wrong. Betting is a skill that even has a history of tens of thousands of years. The dice, card games, and spinning wheels used in สุ่ม เลข 13 casinos today are just descendants of commodity games that took place in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East thousands of years ago. From the stones found on ivory dice found in China (3000-2300 BC) and Egypt (2000 BC), to the games of chance used by Greek soldiers in the Bronze Age, we can be pretty sure that gambling is as old as our humans. But there are many questions on this topic, so let us try to answer them as we go through these questions. Who invented the game? Who invented this game is uncertain, and no one knows for sure, but countless tests show that the Chinese are the ones who invented the game of chance. The earliest forms of games appeared in many ancient peoples, such as the Romans and Mesopotamians, who used animal bones to play. It is generally believed that the game was born out of an interest in good luck (in terms of chance and opportunity) and mysterious things. Something that the ancients could not explain happened. At that time, people generally like to throw sticks, stones, and bones to predict the future, which eventually evolved into a bet on the result of throwing. People’s knowledge of gambling is related to their belief in all supernatural things. Ancient people were surprised to throw bones because they believed in the supernatural powers that controlled the way bones rest. Tools derived from ritual practice are used more frequently than any other bone. Very similar to the symmetrical, the tetrahedral phalanx (also called astragalus) is an early example of a game of chance and is considered the earliest dice precursor. As for the invention of playing cards, China is considered the cradle of playing cards and the invention of playing cards. This ancient civilization discovered paper and everything that reminded them of paper money. When was the dice invented? According to a large amount of information, the game can be traced back to the Paleolithic Age, before which, the written history of the game traces has not yet been formed. The ancient game of chance can be traced back to 40,000 BC, when people discovered various objects similar to dice. For example, in Mesopotamia, the first 6-sided dice can be traced back to around 3000 BC. Given that dice games are a popular activity in almost all human societies, although gambling was illegal in ancient Greece, it is not surprising that Greek soldiers used dice games for entertainment. Mentioned that it is believed that games originated in ancient China as a form of entertainment and eventually spread to all parts of the world. The gambling industry emerged in the heyday of Xia and Shang. As today, the definition of gambling is understood as a risk taken in exchange for something more valuable. Although gambling has been banned for a long time, or sometimes subject to very strict regulatory controls, it has always been very popular. Games like lottery and dominoes are the predecessors of Pai Gow. Pai Gow’s origin predates the Song Dynasty and its name is roughly explained. As “nine”. This is a very popular game consisting of 32 Chinese dominoes. Generally speaking, the ancient games of blackjack and poker are considered to be invented in China. Similarly, the ancient blackjack and poker games are believed to have been invented in China. Similarly, popular games such as Go, Mahjong, Moon Hahai, and Domino Xuanhe all originated in China. With the Mahjong card game, Xuanhe card became the basis of Mahjong, which is a very common game as we know it today. Lottery. These may be used to fund national projects, such as the construction of the Great Wall of China. Keno thousands of years ago originated from the Chinese game “Bai Ge Piao” (“Bai Ge Piao”). The original name can be translated as “white pigeon ticket”, which is related to the ticket used in gambling games involving carrier pigeons. Chinese people like gambling, and the variety of games has greatly increased. Gambling in Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Mesopotamia, and India Archaeologists have just started to excavate the earth and have discovered many gambling artifacts on the territory of ancient Egypt. First, a pair of dice (made of ivory) was found in an Egyptian tomb dating from 3000 BC. Archaeologists also discovered a game similar to checkers. However, in Mesopotamia, the first 6-sided dice also appeared around 3000 BC, but they were based on astragalus that dates back thousands of years. Another game found in ancient Egypt is HUBEM-how, which involves throwing discs into bowls in a specific order. These discs are made of various substances and become more and more complicated as the player continues to throw. In addition to the widely used molds, the ancient Egyptians also used knuckles. At first, dice and bones were used to communicate with gods, because the ancient Egyptians believed that the results of rolling dice or bones could reveal answers to specific questions. Mesopotamians and Greeks use astragalus, while Indians use the nuts of the “vibhitaka” tree. Mesopotamians and Greeks used astragalus, while Indians used tree nuts called “vibhitaka” for play. Eventually, when other games appeared, these nuts were replaced with astragalus and cube dice. But the emergence of Indian Pachisi games opened up shell games and later board games. Someone might say that this is a fascinating period of history, and when we look back at the entire history of the game, it is almost impossible to skip. And, let’s not forget how much Egyptian portraits and aesthetics have influenced modern slot machines and gambling, because ancient Egypt seems to be one of the most popular themes of casino games today, as well as Indian jewelry and Chinese dragons. Widely criticized, games are also widely popular, and have always been a hot topic in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks competed by playing various dice games and many other games of chance. For example, they have a term for rolling a dice and getting two 6s. It is called Aphrodite’s Toss, which is a well-known unparalleled combination.

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